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          " I think dreaming is what leads to a good photograph.

          Before capturing any couple, I always use my imagination, think about the frames, and create it by photographs "

          (my own quote)


            Hi there !
            • Andrew Nguyen( Nguyen Huu Duc Anh) is founder of Hipster Wedding - an intimate wedding photographer based in Asia since 2016. 
            • He loves travel, camping, hiking and mixing drinks! 
            • Music & cinematic film are his life (not food and drinks!).
            • Obsessed with Passenger, Novo Amor, Sigur Ros songs.
            • Being inspired by human's RAW emotions and loves intimate moments of couples.
            • His work has been chosen as Best of the Best Engagement Photos 2018 by Junebug Weddings (Yayy!!).
            • Dream destinations wedding: Italy, Iceland, New Zealand, Austria.
            Hey heyyy,
            • Tin Tin is the admin of Hipster Wedding
            • Has 03 cats and 03 dogs at home.
            • Currently studying watercolor painting - her childhood dream was to be a watercolor artist.
            • Quit a boring - office work after working for an Elopement Wedding in Bali, Indonesia
            • Loves traveling and camping but not a fan of hiking!

Travel Dates 2019

  • January | Langkawi - Hà Nội - Mộc Châu
  • Febuary | Myanmar - Côn Đảo
  • March | Đà Nẵng - Hội An - Hokkaido - Tokyo
  • April | Phuket
  • May | Bali
  • July | Bali - Đà Nẵng
  • October | Kyoto - Kawaguchiko
  • November | Phuket - Korea
  • As seen on

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