ABOUT US - Hipster Wedding

Andrew & Tin Tin are a travel-holic couple, wedding photographers who are working in Southeast Asia. They are currently exploring Việt Nam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and willing to travel for your wedding. 

There are somethings you may want to know more about them.

  • Andrew is Founder and a Hipster Wedding photographer.
  • Love camping and being a wildlife wanderer.
  • Love mixing drinks, cocktails/mocktails
  • His inspiration comes from movies and music.
  • Can not edit pictures without music
  • Tin Tin is a social media admin
  • She is the one who always focus on every single detail.
  • Being inspired by Hipster fashion and lifestyle.
  • She wants to has a Van, to live and drive to anywhere she wants.
  • A dog and cat lovers.

Hotline : +84 986 150 980 | +84 964 608 116 | Email : info@hipsterwedding.asia

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