D&J has never been to Bali before. Until, 30th September 2018. 

A few months ago, D sent me an email for their wedding inquiry! From the first email, I have known they're the right couple for my next wedding project in Bali! 

" I think dreaming is what leads to a good photograph.
Before capturing any couple, I always use my imagination, think about the frames, and create it by photographs.

Or maybe I'm a dreamer! "

Hi there, love to know you were searching for a wedding photographer in Bali and found us here! We hope you enjoyed the story of Daniel & Jenny as we do!  

We are Andrew & Tin Tin, a dual-couple destination wedding photographer based in Bali, Việt Nam, Thailand, and other countries in Asia. We believe an individual couple has their own unique story, reactions, feelings on the day and understand how frustrated/confused you are with professional posing, that's why we prefer to create something related to your love story, who you really are, your real emotions, candid moments, we love to be considered not only your photographer but also a friend, a witness to photograph the important part of your life moments.

Let's talk, tell us your story, your dream wedding, whatever related to your story that you want to share with us!!

We believe a dream only comes true when we start to plan!

Curious about us ? See more of our work in here

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