Bali Elopement Wedding at Karma Kandara | MJ&Alex - Hipster Wedding

Nothing fancy - Just love 

They asked us about a wedding in Phuket at first. A few weeks later, they changed their mind and decided to go to a place they had never been there before - Bali! 

That was one of the reasons why they wanted to get elope on the island of Gods. Go for adventurous, explore and elope.  

They are quite busy with life in Singapore and we just emailed to each other until we arranged a phone call and discussed the ideas of the wedding. They asked about wearing some animal masks, some weird & quirky ideas came up to us. And MJ told us that her wedding dress was made by herself and she had to stay up late until 2 am every day to make it.

Couldn't get excited enough!!! 

Wedding venue : Karma Kandara Bali 

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