Before Mount Agung awaken on 27th November 17, we had a chance to come to Bali for a wedding in Seminyak, Denpasar. Staying at Bali was so pleased so we decided to explore Bali in a few days before back to Việt Nam while we are really busy with wedding season in Việt Nam at that time.

We came to Bali with an open-heart and explore mind for every corner of Bali. Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in Asia but 90% local people in Bali are Hinduism so their lives are a mixture of religion and Indonesia culture.

The local people pray, offering foods to their Gods every morning. Their offerings are 5 kinds of flowers, a kind of grass, a little bit of sticky rice (some have and some have not). Bali has many many many temples which are built from a very long time ago. Sometimes you can see some women are well-dressed (their traditional dress), put offerings on their heads to a temple nearby. That's their daily activities!

Surrounding by thousand islands so Indonesia has many beautiful beaches. Bali is not the exception, you can try surfing, diving, and swimming here. Tourists come here a lot, but the environment is still remaining good.

You should come to Bali in May, June, and October if you love the sunny day on the beach and less tourist. July, August, and September is the tourist seasonnn !!! Prices may higher, your experiences might not be as comfortable as it should when there are too many tourists. Other months are rainy season and we came to Bali in a rainy season, LOL ! But we have really enjoyed it very much. 

*NOTE: Are you using HERE We Go app for traveling? If yes, it might be useless in Bali, LOL. We got lost many times because of that app in Bali (never happen before in another country), and the road in Bali is quite bad, small and many traffics so traffic jam here is a common thing. Enjoy it !!!!



And we will be back to Bali this May. There are many places are waiting for us to exploreeee !!!

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