Adrian and Sơn is a couple that booked us for their trip to Dalat to tell their story in March. 

I was really happy and was shocked because only a month later they wanted me to go to "Amanoi resort" to work with them again.

Some words came into my head while I was doing their shoots: 

"When the storms of life come, if they come to me personally, to my family or to the world, I want to be strong enough to stand and be a strength to somebody else, be shelter for somebody else."  

— Anne Graham Lotz —

Best thanks to Adrian & Sơn, you guys are truly amazing & wonderful. Let's see what we have done together in this amazing place.

Couple: Adrian & Sơn 

Venue: Amanoi Luxury Resort 

Photography: Hipster Wedding 

Assist : Lé Thanh Chì 

From Adrian to Sơn 

"My love for you is as deep as the ocean. 

 My love for you is as high as the sky.

So why don't we meet in the middle.

So I can love you right."

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