"When I see your photos, they recall my memories of my first date and also is my first time to meet Carmen"

Every couple comes to us is special in their own way! And we just have that strong connection even we haven't met. Just through pictures.

Carmen & Chester from Hong Kong, fly to Vietnam to see more about the beauty of this Earth, to recall their memories. They contacted us to create a new adventure, saved their footprints and incredible moments with us.  

They are a fearless and adventurous couple. We are so grateful to be apart of their journey. 

Are you wondering about the connection between two love birds and the beauty of nature?

Packed your stuff and go with us! 

Photography by Hipster Wedding

Hair & make up by Zoey

Location : Émai Đà Lạt , Mũi Né 

Hi there, love to know you were searching for a wedding photographer in Bali and found us here!

We are Andrew & Tin Tin, a dual-couple destination wedding photographer based in Bali, Việt Nam, Thailand, and other countries in Asia.

We believe an individual couple has their own unique story, reactions, feelings on the day and understand how frustrated/confused you are with professional posing, that's why we prefer to create something related to your love story, who you really are, your real emotions, candid moments, we love to be considered not only your photographer but also a friend, a witness to photograph the important part of your life moments.

Let's talk, tell us your story, your dream wedding, whatever related to your story that you want to share with us!!

We believe a dream only comes true when we start to plan!

Curious about us ? See more of our work in here

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