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Hi, I’m Andrew, a storyteller behind Hipster Wedding.

A Vietnamese guy was born & raised in Việt Nam. 

I love Love and focus on intimate weddings & elopements.

An individual couple has their own unique story, reactions & feelings on the day. As a shy person in front of the camera, I understand how frustrated/confused you are with professional posing, that's why I prefer to capture candid moments.

I want to show how beautiful and connected of two loved-soul mixed with stunning landscape, local culture, the raw emotions of you and your beloved.

Camping, snorkeling, chasing stars, enjoy watching sunset & sunrise moments with my couples are my favorite things to do. 

Music, classic films always inspire me so much.  

My work almost is in Asia, but who wants to take me to anywhere on Earth, I would love to talk and be apart of your adventure.

Fun facts: 

Have a dog named "Pate" - she always follows every step of mine whenever I'm at home.

I love Gin, especially Monkey 47 & Hendrick! I started wedding photography since 2015 as a part-time job, do it like a hobby. Then I quit my mixologist career in 2017 and be to a full-time wedding photographer. 

My all-time favorite places in the world; New Zealand, Iceland, Scotland, Japan, Bali, Việt Nam. I went to New Zealand for my first time on June 2019, and it was incredible. Can't wait to go back there for a road trip in 2020. 

Want to know my top places to recommend for an elopement in Asia? They are Việt Nam, Myanmar, Indonesia & Thailand. 

Named as one of the best of the best wedding photographers in Việt Nam & Thailand curated by Junebug Weddings.

I only take 30 weddings/elopements per year. We are all human beings, and I want to spend time for family, also have time to edit your photos carefully, so I'm not the photographer for everyone.

Hey heyyy,

Tin Tin is the admin of Hipster Wedding, she manages all the social media chanel.

She has two cats, two dogs at home.

Currently studying watercolor painting - her childhood dream was to be a watercolor artist.

Quit a tedious - office work after working for an Elopement Wedding in Bali, Indonesia

Loves traveling and camping. 

She is the second photographer when you need more photographers at the wedding.

Tin Tin can eat a lot but seems like she is never getting fat.

Okay, that is something about us, now let's talk!

We believe that we can only make our dreams come true if we start planning right away.


Việt Nam, Thailand, Bali Destination Wedding Photographer

Available world-wide for Weddings Elopements

Hotline/Whatsapp : +84 986 150 980 | +84 964 608 116 | Email : info@hipsterwedding.asia

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