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We are sure that you might have some questions about our service. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, feel free to drop us an email at >> info@hipsterwedding.asia.

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1. What is your pricing?

Our specific rate hasn’t been public anywhere else for various reasons. We would love to understand your inquiry, any special requests, destination, your date, and so on. Seeing as that no two weddings are alike, the best way to view at our pricing is by clicking on the CONTACT US button and emailing us some details about your plans! If we are available on your date, we would be more than happy to email our rates for your location, as well as chat about putting together a custom package that suits perfectly what your wedding requires.

2. What is included in your quote?

Our service price includes only photography  (will have some adjustment based on your destination). You can buy air tickets and book accommodation for us or kindly plus our travel fee ( depends on the destination) and we will do it by ourselves.

We do not have any full package like others (wedding gown – suits – bouquet – M.U.A – printing photobook). If you would like to have an estimated number, drop us an email with your details and we will discuss more.

3. Do you provide digital negatives (RAW files) / Unedited after the shoot?

No, we don’t. RAW files / unedited pictures will not deliver in any case. You will be provided with edited images only.

We understand why you'd ask, and we're not going to keep any epic photos from you. We want the very best for you.

Each image is handled with care and will act as a reflection of our work. Please check through our Website, Instagram to ensure that our work and style are a suitable fit for you.

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4. Do you do video, too?

No, we provide photography only at the moment. We prefer to do the absolute best job and provide the absolute highest quality of work for you, and we are focusing on photography only. We would be more than happy to give you referrals of excellent videographers who share a similar mindset.

5. Do you have any suggestion for M.U.A / wedding gown/suit?

Yes, we do. But before giving you the list of suitable vendors, we will have a suggestion wardrobe mood-board. This mood-board will help you to have a full imagination about the ideas, styles that we are going to make. When you agree with this mood-board, we will give you our recommendation lists and you can work with them based on the mood-board. 

6. How many booking will you accept in a month?

Basically, we only accept 04 bookings/month. We would love to spend more time to communicate with you, continuous learning photography, enjoy the nature of this beautiful Planet and of course edit pictures carefully for every heart-warming wedding.

7. When can we expect to see our photos from our session?

After 03 days from your shooting day, we will send some sneak peek pictures of your session. And the delivery time frame will depend on the package that you picked. If you require the images to be completed sooner, please let us know.

8. We want you! How do we reserve our date?

Great! The next step is to CONTACT US to let me know your date so we can check our availability. Once we select the best package for you, we will send you an agreement to sign and instructions on how to make a reservation. We cannot hold any date without both the retainer and agreement completed. Can't wait to work with you!

9. We are not living in your area, how can we sign an agreement?

Don’t worry! We have a simplest and fastest way to do that and will guide you when you decided to sign an agreement with us.

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10. How can I make a deposit?

All payments can be made in cash, by bank transfer, TransferWise, or by Western Union.

We will provide information in your agreement. You can transfer to bank account – SWIFT CODE. Some local banks have an intermediary bank for international wire, after paying a transfer fee for your bank, you may have to pay an amount of fee for the intermediary bank (if they have).

Payments will reach the intermediary bank before being credited to the beneficiary (the beneficiary is the person or entity who will receive the payment), which is the final destination for the transfer. So please check with your bank if they have intermediary bank and their fees for international transfer.

11. How many pictures will we receive?

We don't have an exact number, to be sure. The quantity of edited photos you will receive is dependent on your wedding details, plan, number of guests, hours of coverage, type of wedding, and so on.

We will only have a minimum number, the maximum number is unknown (depends on your wedding).

12. How can I find a suitable Makeup Artist / Wedding Planner / Wedding gown&suit? Can you please help us?

Sureeee! We are currently working with some vendors that might suitable for you. Will give you recommendation list if you need :P.

13. Can we provide “shot lists” or “must take pictures”?

For any wedding session - we'd rather you didn't, and here's why! Those lists are really helpful in determining which essential relatives and friends will be attending your event, but having us "work off a checklist" and repeatedly requesting posed pictures is counterproductive to the work you've seen on our Website. The end outcome will differ from the photos in your gallery. In theory, "shot lists" given by many big wedding magazines are a fantastic concept, but please understand that we will typically catch such moments without urging.

Giving us a lengthy list of high school or college pals will result in less documentary coverage and more time spent collecting up visitors to check the grouping off a list. Also, giving us with a list of photos you've seen on Pinterest limits our potential to capture genuinely occurring moments for you because we'd have to work from a list rather than crafting unique work for you.

BUT, we have an exception:

Lists for Formal Family Photos: YES

Formals, which include the posed picture session part of the day, are often completed either before or after the ceremony, but schedules vary from wedding to wedding. Most people value their relationships with their mothers, fathers, and extended families. It is important that you review this list with us so that we can provide you with a suitable timetable for the amount of photographs you require.

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You want to know, understand more about us and you may have different questions, confused ?? Please CONTACT us for details. 

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