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Hi there! We are fortunate when you found our service in hundred thousands of wedding photographers around the world.  

We tailor our service price for a personalized wedding with different unique details and a specific timeline. We also know that your budget is always a big part of your wedding day, so for more precise information, please contact us, and we can start a conversation about the perfect photography package for you.

Here are our starting prices :  

          • Pre/Post-Wedding/Elopements: starting price = US $2200*.

          • Actual Wedding day: starting price =  US $2500*.

Here are some testimonials from our clients below. We have been so grateful to work with these awesome couples, and we look forward to hearing from you with your real experience with us. 

Phóng sự cưới Park Hyatt Saigon

From T and C

Hi Andrew and Tin Tin, A photo is worth a thousand words. We indeed could not find the best words to express our happiness and gratitude when receiving more than a thousand photos that Andrew captured for us from the Pre-wedding Photo shooting to our Wedding Ceremony Day.

Andrew – You are absolutely amazing and talented. We felt very touched and extremely surprised when seeing all the photos with moments you took for us. There were so many specific memories that we will keep for a lifetime. We are very proud of having you as a part of our wedding process journey. We really love the way you capture our moments, feelings and happy tears. The way you suddenly change the details of moment to create a real movement of feelings. Or the way you give sounds of music to make our dances on sand look more natural. All pictures you made are super beautiful, unique and sophisticated. They are not just simply the pictures, each of them can tell the story of our love, and the memories would be everlasting long till many years going forward, we believe we can feel like just yesterday when looking at them again.

The "Get Ready" album with pictures of Citi Vibes during sunset are indeed an outstanding work and on top of arts. We feel like it happened in Europe with a lot of typical bokeh city vibes. We really much love it! Working with you and Tin Tin, we were really happy because you gave us a full service with high quality of works and professional attitudes. We love the way you and Tin Tin take care of us in every single stuff in details and consult us to be well prepared for each session. You made us feel that you are not only our wedding crew members but also our friends, brother and sister.

We truly value your artworks from the color of various theme, angle of photo captures, moments and your best efforts to fulfill all of our wish list. The special thing we appreciate it was that with only Andrew yourself, one-person photograph team, to and fro, the photos you took show full of every magical and precious moments in our wedding event as if you had a full team of multi-camera positions! What a talent!

From T and C, we really appreciate your hard works and we especially thank you "a whole lot for everything you devoted."

From L and V

At this moment while we are writing this review, we still feel emotional about the memorable trip we had with HipsterWedding. If the system allowed us to rate more than 5 stars, we would give HipsterWedding millions of them.

Tin and Duc Anh (Andrew) helped us on planning the whole trip. Not only did they help us create the mood-board and the outfit guideline, they also introduced a very talented decoration team to make our ideas come to life. Those small bits added to a perfect shooting concept for the location.

From the start of the trip to the very end, Andrew was professional, supportive, friendly and thoughtful. He would do anything to help us get ready for the shootings. He was not only our photographer. He was a mountain motorbike rider, a voluntary backpack carrier, a tour guide, a storyteller and most importantly, he became our friend during the trip. Andrew spent time to learn about us through conversations, and at the same time, that provided us with opportunities to know more about him.

From strangers, we ended up being connected to the point that it was comfortable for us to live in our feelings in front of him. The photos came out more beautiful than what we would imagine. Our experience with HipsterWedding exceeded what we had expected.

TL;DR: We strongly recommend HipsterWedding.

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From D and J

I'll start off by saying that this was the absolute best experience and pre-wedding photos that we could've hoped for. It happened by chance that we're able to find Andrew and Tin Tin, having no luck finding photographers that matched our taste in Shanghai, China.

The conversations were swift and professional, they were able to provide us with a beautiful location list and schedule, and we're able to exchange ideas on what we wanted and what his professional opinions are. The shoot in Bali was spread out over three days, and those days were simply fantastic and memorable.

We felt no pressure at all during the shoot, and Andrew is a true professional and his shooting style is discreet, so you're basically in your own space, doing your own thing, while he captures each intimate moment perfectly. The turnaround was pretty quick, we got our edited shots with plenty of time to spare before our wedding. Everyone of our friends and family were taken back by just how beautiful and poetic the photos are. The end result is a journey of memories, a charming story about us. I would recommend Andrew and Tin Tin to anyone wishing to have their love documented in a way that is truly special.

Thanks for reading! And thanks Andrew & Tin Tin

From B&M 

"Dear Andrew,

You are truly a master of your craft. Me and M both did a lot of research before deciding that you were the perfect person to shoot our wedding. I know you will make this one of your best work it not the best one ever. "

Ảnh cưới đà nẵng

From T&A

Wow. Pictures are just mind blowing, there are so so so many that we adore! We love the vintage aesthetic, lighting and little details you captured throughout the day and night. There are so many special memories there that we will have for a lifetime. 

Once again, thank you for your amazing work and great talent. We will be sure to recommend you with raving reviews to our friends as you have done an exceptional job :) 

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From K&A

Dear Andrew & Tin Tin,

Thank you so much for taking our photos today. We truly appreciate you two for capturing our moments of fun, excitement, and love that are important to be documented. You make us feel very comfortable. You have been so professional and friendly and it has been such a pleasure getting to know the two of you. We look forward to seeing pictures and hope that we will have an opportunity to work with you again in the future. 

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From V&M - 

Can’t say enough how fun and easy it is to work with Andrew, even for the worst camera-shy person. We were very lucky to have Andrew working on our ceremony/wedding day photoshoot as well as post wedding photoshoot and both turned out to be fantastic, from the experience on the day to the product we received. Do yourself a favor and book him immediately if you are planning for your wedding.

V&M wedding celebrated at Thảo Điền Village

From Thao & Neri

Andrew and Tin Tin deserve more than 5 stars rating. I would say they are one of the best photographers in Viet Nam right now. I did so many research before I found them and luckily they had a slot for me because they got booked very quickly. I came to them with an idea about how I wanted our wedding to be. They not only supported the idea but also helped us make it better. My husband and I had an unforgettable adventure and our best moments on our wedding. We laughed and cried out of our happiness. I'm sure those feelings will linger on us for the rest of our lives. I even started a blog about our wedding just to remember how wonderful that day was. I definitely would like to work with them again in the future

Elopement in Phu Yen, Viet Nam wedding

Haojun Wu & Cherry

Andrew must be the most talented wedding photographer in Asia. He can gives you exactly what you expected. If you wanna have wedding in Asia, with no doubt to let him be your photographer. He really did amazing works and gave us a great wedding memory.

Wedding in Phu Quoc island

From M&R 

A creative, talented, and adventurous photographer who is excited to go to whatever lengths necessary to photograph and document the story of your dreams. Beyond simply taking pictures, he possesses the rare gift of the photographer's eye, which allows him to craft every frame that he captures into a complete work of art. In addition to being thrilled with all of the work that we received, I am happy to say that we became friends in the short time that we spent together.

R&M elopement wedding

From Meimei & Huang

Andrew is absolutely an excellent wedding photographer! Thanks so much for the brilliant photos, we love it! Absolutely stunning shots!!! We’re so happy and grateful to have Andrew as our wedding photographer. It was wonderful and everything just went quite well that day. Apart from shooting, it was so sweet that Andrew also helped us a lot to find an amazing place for first look. He’s really good at it!!! We really appreciate you for all of this, especially for the touching moments in your works!

Langkawi Wedding Photography

From M&C 

Love the artistic taste of Andrew! Really captured our bohemian wedding. Our guests are impressed with the photos too! Andrew is also fun to work with! I'm one very happy bride! <3 Thank you so much! <3 <3

Hạ Long Bay wedding

And so many feedbacks from others clients we do not have enough space to post up. A thousand words can not compare to a real experience and we hope our service can meet your expectations. Please drop us an email if you interested in our service or any question you might have. 


From Andrew & Tin Tin with love 

R&M elopement wedding
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