PRINT - Hipster Wedding

Hi there,

Want to print a photobook of your wedding pictures ? Yeah, you are at the right place! 

All of our photobook will be well designed for your own and the process will need a little help from you to pick a hundred of your images before we can design, print and deliver. 

Images can run through the crease line and aren’t affected by the fold. 

We have 02 options for a wedding photobook :  

           • Big size :  30cm x 30cm, 40 pages            US  $400

           • Normal size : 25cm x 25cm, 40 pages      US  $300.

All are well designed and deliver in a wooden box with a USB. 

*** Excluded overseas shipping. 

We were never really a fan of traditional wedding albums. But we really love these wedding books. See the pictures below to see why we love it!!

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