J&M | Bali Elopement - Hipster Wedding

"How long will this relationship last?"

Have you ever ask yourself that question?

I’m sure that you have, at least once!


We met, we fell in love, we argued, we hurt, we cried

And we started asking ourselves that question.


But nothing won't be a matter when you truly love the other


And when we want this relationship has never ends,

We want to make a commitment,

a commitment to love


Get married.

J and M knew each other many years ago through M’s sister. Their conversation at first was all about work, business, and a few polite common questions. Nothing more. After J came back from a business trip overseas, they hang out for a drink and then stuck together ‘till now. After one year dating, J and M are expecting their first child and Bali is their ideal place to exchange vows.

J was the one who contacted us, chosen us and planned their Surprise Elopement. Why surprise? Because M had no idea about this, she only knew that they will travel to Bali and get married. J even asked M to buy a selfie stick to record their wedding because he “forgot” to hire a photographer.

And as everything was planned, we met at a bar “by chance” and surprisingly that J and M met a photographer duo from Việt Nam. What even more amazing !? J has brought the best troll ever to his fiance M (with the help of us).

After that, the conversation was about planning for their elopement, the timeline and listened to their love stories.

So how was their Elopement? Scroll down and you will see.

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