M&L | Someone to stay | Ninh Binh - Hipster Wedding

A long journey roughly 10 years of M&L. Instead of going back to the USA  - a dream country to live of many people - M decided to stay in Việt Nam for the rest of his life because of L.



Love may wear out with time but may also grow with time. It depends on the orientation and contribution of each other. First, we need to have the same level of education and understanding. We also need to have the same belief in ethics and moral. Then with the same targets and goals, we help each other to achieve it. Target after target, goal after goal, together overcoming all the challenges, we will have the strong growing relationship. 

"As endless as the ocean as timeless as the tides"



" Everything I have never done I want to do with you " M&L came to us and asked for some beautiful places that they have never been there and Ninh Bình is on the list.  

We explored, breathed, ate, slept, took pictures, selfie, drank some local juices and beers and did many things together - again, again and again.. ! 

The team of the day

Photography by Andrew Nguyễn

Videography by Jacob Dinh 

Stylist by Tin Tin

MUA by Tran Lan Phuong

Wedding Dress by NTK Huy Tran 

Flower bouquet by Hand Heart

Destination - Ninh Bình, Việt Nam 

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